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Hospitals almost at full capacity

OKYPY has been setting the alarm since the units of state hospitals have already reached 100% capacity in most specialties, with whatever that means. At the same time the number of patients with COVID-19 presents a daily small but gradual increase. The number of people needing treatment in ICUs has tripled in recent days since from 5-6 it used to be is now 15-16.

Charalambos Charilaou, OKYPY spokesman, explained that we are seeing a gradual, fortunately slow for the time being, increase in the number of patients. For example, while we used to have 5-6 admissions every day, now we have 7-8 and at the same time we have an increase in the number of patients needing to be in the Increased Care Units. We are concerned because this is a serious indication about what will come next meaning that some of the patients in the Increased Care Units will then have to be transferred to the ICUs where so far we had a small number of intubated patients.

He also reminded that while in the previous weeks the number of COVID-19 patients was 55-60 now is 65-70 and is increasing.

Furthermore, he noted that 35-40% of the patients are people who have had both doses of the vaccine.

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