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Heatwave warning and basic heat protection advice

The Health Ministry has issued basic heat protection advice following the Met Office yellow alert on Wednesday for very high temperatures from 11am to 4:00pm.

Health services call on the public not to stay long directly under the sun, not to go out unless really necessary and refrain from intense exercise.

People should remain, when possible under the shadow, in cooler areas and avoid crowding.

Light clothing with bright colours is also advised, as well as the use of a hat and sunglasses in case of direct exposure.

The public is advised to refrain from alcohol, coffees and heavy fatty foods, chocolate and spices, taking in light foodstuffs, salads, juices and keeping hydrated with plenty of water.

Air conditioning is necessary to create a current during the hottest hours of the day and keeping windows open at night is a good idea.

Avoid the use of the oven and kitchen as much as possible to keep your homes’ temperature down.

Take many, lukewarm showers during the day.

Particular care should be given to vulnerable groups such as babies, the elderly and pregnant women.

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