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Health expert warns Covid still around, complacency is bad

Cyprus follows the example of many countries that have started relaxing coronavirus rules and scaling back testing but experts wonder whether this return to normality is too fast, too soon.

In fact, Dr Petros Karayiannis who is a microbiologist and member of the scientific group advising the government, on Monday warned that the virus is still with us. And that protective measures – such as wearing a mark – should not stop being taken.

“We cannot predict the end of the pandemic, but all this hype about the end being near makes people complacent. The virus is still with us, we must be careful not to give the virus the opportunity to show up with a new variant,” he told Philenews.

“We must definitely drop the number of daily new cases since this is the only way to keep the virus under control, stuck in the corner, unable to further bother us,” he added.

Karayiannis believes Cyprus will have an increase in cases again in the Autumn because the immunity of vaccines will be dropped.

That’s why he doesn’t rule out the possibility of a fourth shot – at last for the island’s vulnerable population.

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