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Government moves to end fixed-term contracts in education

In a significant development, the education sector is on the cusp of resolving a longstanding issue that has troubled stakeholders for a decade.

Sources told philenews that the Ministry of Education is set to stop the employment of teachers as service providers under fixed-term contracts, starting in September.

The plan entails a shift in the staffing of the Drase programme and the full-day elementary schools. Starting in September 2023, a vast majority of the teaching positions in these programmes will be filled by educators selected from the lists of assigned and pre-assigned teachers.

Furthermore, reports indicate that for the upcoming 2023-2024 academic year, all other educational programmes will offer full-time employment contracts with benefits to teachers. This signifies a departure from the previous practice of hiring teachers as service providers.

In a related announcement, the Ministry of Labour disclosed yesterday that the examination of requests pertaining to the determination of insurance categorisation for individuals employed under the purchase of services in Ministry of Education programs is currently underway and nearing completion.

Subsequently, the concerned parties will be duly informed.

It is important to note that until a decision is reached, contributions to the funds administered by the Social Security Services should be paid as usual.

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