NewsLocal‘Give A Name to A Reef’ competition ends on May 25

‘Give A Name to A Reef’ competition ends on May 25

The deadline for the competition entitled ‘Give A Name to A Reef’ inviting school students in Larnaca to name one of the region’s snorkelling reefs is May 25. It started on April 21.

The reef is located at Larnaca Bay in the Voroklini marine protected area close to the LEF1 vessel that was sunk at the end of 2019.

The competition is being organised by the Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI), the Cyprus Youth Organisation, the Larnaca Tourism Board and the company Geoimaging.

The reef is at a depth of seven to 10 metres in a protected marine zone where fishing is prohibited.

Rich in sea life it is popular with divers and because of the shallow depth, could be a new snorkellers’ destination.

The area is also to be mapped soon by CMMI scientists to form part of planned ‘diving routes’ for Larnaca.

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