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Germasoyia municipality on stand by after dam overflows

Happy with the fact that Germasoyia dam now has stocks to last for the next two to three years. municipality is nevertheless on standby after the dam overflowed for the first time in seven years.

Mayor Kyriakos Xydias said he was delighted with the overflowing of the dam, noting the huge problems created by the drought of recent years which had pushed stocks to near bottom.

“We are happy because it ensures we will have reserves for the next two to three years,” he told the Cyprus News Agency.

About 200 citizens had gathered at the dam last night to watch it overflow while many have been visiting this morning.

But he said that there were huge quantities of reeds and rubbish brought down by the strong currents of the last few days.

“Reeds are a product of nature, it is not pollution. Pollution is the rubbish which shows a lack of awareness,” he said.

After consultations, the Water Development Department will manage the reeds, while the municipality will be responsible for anything that ends up in Germasoyia valley.

He said municipal authorities were on standby to deal with any possible flooding from the river, while a number of precautionary measures have been taken.

The car park near Amathos River has been closed, while the public is urged to be careful on the road and small bridges above the river and to comply with traffic signs.

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