NewsLocalGermany, Italy, Spain the EU's members blocking any harsh measure against Turkey

Germany, Italy, Spain the EU’s members blocking any harsh measure against Turkey

Germany, Italy and Spain are the EU’s three member states that put the brakes on any harsh measure against Turkey to be taken, Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides said on Monday.

In a budget debate before the House Finance Committee, the Foreign Minister also said that the Spanish Prime Minister’s latest visit to Ankara proves the strong financial ties between the two countries.

“The EU is not a society of Angels,  the member states go to Brussels to primarily serve their own interests,” he said.

“These three EU states are very well known as regards their stand on Turkey and the fact  that, almost always, when we are at a point where serious measures against Turkey are to be taken, they put the brakes on them,” he added.

The Minister also said the three member states react – not because they are interested in Turkey – but because they serve their own interests in relation to the unruly country.

And he added that when there is a sizeable market across called Turkey and maybe military or other issues are concerned, then yes, Spain and not only, takes that into account.

“Perhaps we, too, would have taken them into account if we are in Spain’s position,” he also said.


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