NewsLocalFriday's strike by pharmacists all across Cyprus averted last minute

Friday’s strike by pharmacists all across Cyprus averted last minute

A strike set for Friday by pharmacists all across Cyprus over their compensation plan has been averted after a last-minute ‘win-win’ agreement reached with the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO).

HIO is responsible for running the state health services Gesy, Philenews also reports.

Pancyprian Pharmacists Association (PFS) said in a statement the problem which has arisen with the compensation of pharmacists with the excess number of prescriptions processed has been solved.

Agreement was reached after a new model of compensation was presented to pharmacists whose leadership described it as a ‘win-win’ one.

The funds allocated to pharmacists to process prescriptions in 2022 came to a total of €30 million, for 15 million medicinal packages.

However, they actually processed 19 million items, translating to an additional cost of €8 million.

As a result, PFS had said, many pharmacists who are part of Gesy are in a dire financial situation.

HIO has now presented a higher budget, specifically, it has been raised to €33.7 million for 2023.

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