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Fraud in Cyprus related to the war in Ukraine

Taking advantage of the volatile situation due to Russia’s invasion in Ukraine, as well as the fear of a businessman that there will be sanctions against Belarus, a British set up a fraud case through Cyprus, managing to get more than 500,000 dollars from an American, resident of Agia Napa.

The American filed a complaint with the Police saying that the man managed to get 566,000 dollars between 24 February and 15 March, supposedly to charter a plane to transfer the American’s associates from Belarus to Georgia. The American’s target was to transfer his headquarters to Georgia in case of sanctions in Belarus. The British had introduced himself as a businessman carrying out special operations for the relocation of foreigners from war zones.

The American had initially paid a smaller amount and then the British asked for more money to deliver. The American tried to set up some rules but then the British started blackmailing and threatening him, even sending him the photo of a gun. The American got scared and paid the rest of the money. However, since nothing happened he filed a complaint with the Police.

The Police arrested the 50-year-old British, resident of Larnaca. Members of the Famagusta CID confiscated documents and other evidence from the British man’s home. The Court has ordered his imprisonment for three days.

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