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Fine weather for Green Monday, but vegetable prices sting

The weather will be on the side of excursionists who head out to the fields for the traditional Green Monday feast, but vegetable prices give consumers little to smile about.

According to a Phileleftheros survey, the heavy winter has taken its toll on producers and prices this year are up compared to last year.

Polis Kattasis, president of the Pancyprian Association of green grocers told Phileleftheros that hailstorms, the snow and frost have destroyed a number of cultivations, reducing supply and pushing up prices.

He added that nevertheless, the association believes the price of some products is inflated and should be lower.

Prices are expected to change by Monday. But as prices stand now the price of a kilo of tomatoes is up from €1.50 last year to €2.30. Greenhouse cucumbers are up from €1.20 a kilo to €2.30 and field cucumbers from €2.50 to €3.00.

Legumes are also costlier. Peas, green beans and broad beans are up from €3.50 a kilo last year to €5.00. Broccoli now costs €2.60 a kilo from €0.60 last year and courgettes €1.50 to €2 a kilo compared to €0.50 – €0.60.

Aubergines cost twice what they did last year – €3.00 a kilo from €1.50 last year. Cauliflower prices have jumped from €0.80 to €2.30 a kilo. And cabbage and carrots now cost €1.50 a kilo compared to €0.80 last year.

Kolokassi (taro) and poulles (baby taro) cost €2.80 a kilo compared to €1.00 last year, while artichokes are up to €2.80 from €2.00. Green peppers sell for €4.00 a kilo (compared to €2.50 last year).

Potato prices remain above €1 kilo for nine months now. A year ago a kilo cost €0.60.

Fruit prices same as last year

In contrast, fruit prices remain the same as last year with mandarins selling for €1.30 a kilo, lemons for €0.60 and  oranges from €1.20 a kilo to €1.30 depending on the variety. Avocadoes sell for €2.50.

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