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Reward for recycled separate waste packaging

Recycling machines for separate collection of plastic, glass and metallic waste packaging will be placed in various locations across Cyprus so that citizens could get financial reward for it.

As of Thursday and for two months, the island’s Environmental Department will put the draft plan for Packaging and Waste Packaging (Guarantee System) on to public consultation, according to Philenews.

The draft plan outlines the establishment of the Guarantee System for single-use drink packaging, with the system offering a financial sum for recycling such packaging.

This sum will be offered upon the return of the waste packaging – separately collected and recycled.

The return of guarantee waste packaging will either be realized on 24-hour machines installed in outside open spaces. Or for limited hours only if the machines are installed within certain establishments which are not open for 24 hours.

In supermarket larger than 200 square meters, the return of guarantee waste packaging will be realized with the use of automated machines of guarantee recycling.

Specific product categories which are applicable for this system are defined in the Combined Nomenclature of the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding Systems of the Customs Cooperation Council.

These categories specifically include water bottles, soft drinks, malt beer and other fermentation-based drinks, as well as spirits liqueur and other alcoholic beverages with alcohol volume less than or equal to 9%.


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