NewsLocalFactory in Limassol suffers shocking damage due to heavy rain (PHOTO)

Factory in Limassol suffers shocking damage due to heavy rain (PHOTO)

An aluminum making factory in the industrial area of Ayios Athanasios Limassol recorded shocking damages from Thursday morning’s heavy rain, Philenews reports.

And all this because STS Metal Systems LTD’s owners did not make it on time to raise the drainage grates. Seventeen years ago, the same factory was completely destroyed from ferocious flooding.

But even though authorities are fully away of the dire issue, they have done nothing to solve the problem, the report also said.

Although there are storm water drainage wells  these are not sufficient to prevent flooding. The waters come rushing from three directions and end up outside the factory because of the road’s sinking.

Specifically, the pictured Lapetou Street road outside the factory looks like a river. Rainwater has entered all sides of the factory with the level exceeding 50 points.  Damage has been caused to both office equipment and merchandise.

Outraged factory owner Juliana Savva said  the problem dates back 17 years and that “every time there is bad weather we have to run to come to the factory and open the grates to prevent the worst from happening.”

She added: “This is happening due to damage done to a flood control project during the construction of the Linopetra roundabout.”


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