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Experts to meet with stakeholders to plan safe reopening of all schools-Tsioutis

Head of the Advisory Scientific Committee for COVID-19 in Cyprus, Konstantinos Tsioutis has told CNA that several meetings will be scheduled in the coming days, in order to look into ways of implementing protocols to ensure, as much as possible, the physical presence of children in their classrooms.

Asked on the likelihood of changes to the already announced decisions before the end of the month, Dr. Tsioutis said: “I do not rule out anything. Our guide and what will determine the decisions is the development of the epidemiological situation in Cyprus”.

Dr. Tsioutis, who is Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at the European University trained in infection prevention and control, said that the evolution of the pandemic in Cyprus is closely monitored daily, and decisions for measures and relaxations could be taken along the way, as on the issue of returning pupils to schools.

On Friday, after the announcement of the new measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Cyprus,  Tsioutis announced on twitter an initiative concerning the return of all pupils to their classrooms. As Tsioutis said, the initiative aims at a dialogue and a more constructive cooperation with all stakeholders, organised parents, representatives of pupils and teachers, as well as with the Ministries of Health and Education.

As he said, through dialogue they will be able to get opinions and the knowledge and experience of all involved, while experts will provide their experience to date and will contribute with their knowledge in this matter.

“There is now accumulated experience, so that through a dialogue, they can reach the goal which is the return of pupils and teachers to the classrooms and the return to the educational process, in the safest possible way “, he said.

“These are places that have opened twice since last May, and these people – parents and teachers – have gained experience in organising children`s spaces, the school day, but they also have experience in incident management,” he said.

He noted that the goal is, through their own suggestions, to find the most effective way for the reintegration of pupils and teachers.

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