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Expert points out the importance of correct tracing of a confirmed case’s contacts

Constantinos Tsioutis, head of the Advisory Epidemiological Committee, said that only one third of the people who are “confirmed cases” report their close contacts to the tracing teams while recently every person states only 2-5 close contacts on average.

This leads to the conclusion that several other people who have come in contact with the confirmed case are not isolated and as a result the outbreak expands and the situation gets worse.

He noted that it is time to return to the basic things, meaning:

  • When I have symptoms, most probably I have COVID-19
  • I isolate myself and inform my doctor, follow the orders and have a test
  • If I test positive, I remain at home. I receive information from the tracing unit on what exactly I have to do.
  • If I test positive it is my moral duty to inform the people I have come into close contact so that they will take the necessary measures.
  • If I am informed that I am a close contact, I have to isolate myself.

Unfortunately, as he said, people who are informed that they are closed contacts they have a rapid test and if they test negative they get out of isolation. However this is not correct and you have to remain in isolation either 14 days from the day of contact or 7 days if the test is negative.

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