NewsLocalEx Kition Bishop to hear sentence for indecent assault on Thursday

Ex Kition Bishop to hear sentence for indecent assault on Thursday

Thursday is when disgraced former Bishop of Kition Chrysostomos who was found guilty of indecent assault on a 16-year-old female student in 1981 will hear his sentence.

His defence lawyer has advocated before Larnaca District Court for a reduction in the sentence of his 85-year-old client, citing his advanced age. As well as the fact that 42 years have passed since the incident.

At the same time, June 13 is when the Holy Synod will convene to determine the high ranking priest’s punishment.

Philenews reports that the Holy Synod has three options: to defrock him, to place him on indefinite leave, or to confine him to a monastery.

On May 15, in a landmark ruling, Larnaca District Court found the former Bishop guilty of assaulting the teenager at the time.

The woman, who is now 57 years old, testified that she had visited Chrysostomos’ office five times to receive an allowance from the Church as an orphan because her father had recently passed away.

She said that the fifth time she went there, the Bishop locked the door and assaulted her on the couch.

Since then, at least eight women came forward accusing the former Bishop of sexual assault.

Moreover, a complaint from 2021 filed by a non-resident of Cyprus has resurfaced. The complainant said that Chrysostomos assaulted her while on a trip abroad.

The case did not proceed because the alleged offence had taken place overseas.

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