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EP elections: Polls close with 42.8% turnout

Polling stations for the European Parliament elections closed at 6 pm with some 57% of registered voters staying away from elections to choose Cyprus’ six MEPs.

Counting is already underway but results will only be announced at midnight, when voting ends in all other EU Member States.

The chief returning officer said that 42.8% of registered voters had cast a vote. Excluding the 5604 Turkish Cypriots living in areas not controlled by the Republic of Cypriot who voted at special polling stations, the participation rate is 47.95% compared to 48.30% in the 2014 European elections.

In Nicosia, turnout was 49.2% (compared to 41.97% in 2014), in Limassol 44.2% ( compared to 45.57%), Famagusta 48.3% (34.33%), Larnaca 50.1% (47.98%), Paphos 48.3% (48.08%), abroad 62.5% (56.92%) and Turkish Cypriots at the special polling stations 6.93% (3.19%).














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