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Education Ministry proposes scrapping mid-term exams

The Ministry of Education is proposing to scrap mid-term exams in secondary education, Minister Athena Michaelidou noted in a presentation on Monday.

Among others, the proposal includes having a central examination instead at the end of each school year, reducing examinable subjects, and focusing on essential topics.

The proposal was presented yesterday by Michaelidou, to educational stakeholders, who responded positively.

The main provisions of the proposal are as follows:

  • Emphasis on formative assessment.
  • Emphasis on processes and skills rather than rote memorisation.
  • Assessment is not limited to written exams and final assessments.
  • Multiple forms of concurrent assessment.
  • Emphasis on project work.
  • The final written examination in May to be prepared by the Ministry.

Moreover, the Ministry of Education proposes that the school curriculum is reduced. This way the teaching time for core subjects will be increased.

In statements after presenting the proposal, Minister Michaelidou noted that the new evaluation system is student-centred.

“It is based on fundamental pedagogical principles, it is modern and flexible, reliable and valid, and it places great emphasis on multiple forms of student assessment, alternative forms of student assessment, and those forms that allow each student to give their best. And these forms are not just written; they include projects, creative assignments, quizzes, and oral evaluations,” she said.

The proposal will be promptly submitted to the Council of Ministers and subsequently to the Parliament.

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