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Draft bill providing for mobile ballot boxes due to covid sent to parliament

A draft bill has been sent to parliament providing for special measures to be taken to enable people in Cyprus with Covid-19 and those self-isolating to vote in May’s parliamentary elections.

The plenum will vote on Thursday on the amended bill which provides for mobile ballot boxes to come in effect in Cyprus on May 30 – election day, Philenews reports.

The philosophy behind the proposal is that the right to vote in an election is an essential part of a country’s democratic process – irrespective of voters’ physical health on polling day.

The Attorney General has informed the Ministry of Interior that, based on the provisions of Articles 33, 34 and 35 of the Constitution as well as the European Court of Human Rights case bill the fundamental right to vote cannot be restricted in any way.

And that it is up to the executive and/or legislature, within the framework of their responsibilities, to take positive measures to ensure the exercise of the right to vote by all people who can cast a vote.


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