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Doctors must remain vigilant and follow decrees, says union


The government doctors union PASYKI, urged its members to remain targeted and vigilant and continue to follow decrees and instructions issued on the basis of scientific data collected and analysed.

With the opportunity of tomorrow’s reopening of outpatients clinics for specialties in public hospitals, the union makes clear that it’s not yet time for complacency.

PASYKI notes that everyone, either as a professional group, or individually, should set aside their personal views and wishes, so the positive outcome achieved collectively, as a society, can be maintained.

The government doctors union says that the courage needed to take decisions based on valid scientific data and instruction, as well as the maximum adherence to them by citizens, allows a look into the future with guarded optimism.

Positive results, government doctors stress, have given the government the possibility to work on planning for the gradual lifting of restrictions, which includes the reopening of Outpatients Specialty Clinics tomorrow.

Taking the WE and not the I, doctors offer love and hope to society, PASYKI says.

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