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Dirty bomb at Cape Greco

Hazardous to the human health levels of radiation exposure detected around the Cape Greco area, with the emission of ionizing (radioactive) radiation emitted by relay antennas in the area estimated to approx. 82 to 113 times over limit.

At the same time, the emission of non-ionizing radiation from the same antennas has been estimated as much as 14 times over limit since 1930. The aforementioned alarming findings are contained in a comprehensive research conducted on behalf of the Municipality of Ayia Napa in late 2017 and delivered to the Municipality in early January 2018.  According to the mayor Yiannis Karousos, immediately after receiving and considering the findings, he proceeded to send a letter informing four ministries on the subject, without however receiving any response, despite the fact that almost two months went by. These are the Ministry of Defence, since the area hosts a National Guard unit, the Ministry of Agriculture – since the area appertains to the Department of Forests, the Ministry of Health, as the ministry in charge and the Ministry of Transport, responsible for the issue of licensing on telecommunications and frequencies. Mr. Karousos further mentioned that this is the reason why he decided to go public with the issue now.

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