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Cyprus to also get affected if a nuclear reactor in Ukraine is blown up

If a nuclear reactor in war-torn Ukraine is blown up Cyprus – along with the rest of Europe – will also be contaminated with radiation.

Experts said it would be just a matter of days before Cyprus – due to the transfer via air of radioactive particles in the Eastern Mediterranean region – gets to be affected.

Cyprus Meteorology Department’s senior officer Philippos Tymvios also told Philenews the stronger the winds blowing at the time of a possible leak the faster the spread.

The island’s competent services are closely monitoring the alarming possible activity, he added.

Based on information available at the moment, a hypothetical leak of radioactive material from Chernobyl at dawn on Thursday – and for the next three days – the areas south of Chernobyl would be seriously affected.

The radioactive cloud would then reach the Balkans and move easterly having been cut off from the main flow of radioactive particles by the reactor.

It would then move to central Europe and parts of the cloud would then reach eastern Mediterranean, at a sufficient height from the surface. In other words, the effect would be relatively small.


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