NewsLocalCyprus records further fuel price hikes, diesel now is €2 a litre

Cyprus records further fuel price hikes, diesel now is €2 a litre

The price of diesel at the pump is now €2 a litre with the average one set at €1.931, Philenews reported on Wednesday.

And even though there is a reduction in taxation by the government the price is 50 cents more expensive per liter since the start of the year both for gasoline and diesel.

Pessimism prevails among organized consumers who see neither a reduction nor a stability of prices while gas station owners talk about different-speed restocking.

There is considerable fluctuation between the various petrol stations, and this is attributed to the different period at which petrol stations of different companies are restocked.

Petrol stations on the market receive different discounts from the import companies.

In the midst of all this turmoil consumers are subject to constant price rises in fuel prices and it is unclear whether the situation will change considering EU energy sanctions on Russia intensify.

And this is a boomerang back at the expense of the citizens of all EU member states.

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