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Cyprus landscape glimpses through Marinos Angelides’ aerial photos

Cyprus’ landscape should not be underestimated, amateur photographer Marinos Angelides tells Philenews as he presents his series of aerial photography.

Angelides, a computer programmer by profession, is a passionate photographer of the Mediterranean island’s landscape and he is out there every week capturing it on camera or with the help of a drone.

He says he does this on his own or accompanied by friends or family members and that he explores well known but also totally unknown beauties of local nature.

Aerial photography with a drone has given him a new ‘eye’ perspective, a new angle on landscape images.

“That’s why we see landscape which has been captured on camera a million times before getting photographed again so that we get a new outlook,” he adds.

Angelides’ advice to those interested in aerial photography is to keep calm while on it.

“Whatever you photograph won’t go away. Rushing and getting stressed are catastrophic…listen to nature, smell it, that’s what is going to give you beautiful photographs,” he says.

Photos and videos of Marinos Angelides are posted on his Instagram and YouTube pages.

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