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Cyprus drivers hit with even higher pump prices, now exceeding €2 per liter

Cyprus drivers on Friday were once again hit financially as pump prices exceeded €2 per liter as consumer groups cry out for help.

Specifically, the price of 95 octane petrol rises by €9 cents and the price of octane 98 petrol by 8 cents.

At the same time, the price of diesel rises by 6 cents per liter, heating oil by 15 cents and agricultural oil by 10 cents per liter.

With the new rise, the average price of 95 octane gasoline will be €1.81 per liter, gasoline 98’s € 1.86, diesel’s €1.87 and heating oil’s €1.43 per liter.

The continuous increases in fuel prices have led to significantly large differences between gas stations. And, at the most expensive ones, fuel prices will exceed €2 per liter.

On Thursday, the price of gasoline 95 ranged from € 1,656 to € 1,839 per liter and that of price of gasoline 98 from €1,706 to € 1,909.

Moreover, the price of diesel ranged from €1,747 to € 1,929 and heating oil from €1,219 to €1,490 per liter.







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