NewsLocalCyprus 30th among 46 countries on Europe's contraception atlas (infographic)

Cyprus 30th among 46 countries on Europe’s contraception atlas (infographic)

Cyprus ranked 30th among 46 countries on a European Contraception Atlas drawn up by the European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual and Reproductive Rights.

The third annual edition of the Contraception Atlas – a map that scores 46 countries throughout geographical Europe on access to modern contraception, revealed a very uneven picture across Europe.

The Atlas stratifies countries by colour according to their access to contraceptive supplies, family planning counselling and online information: green, light green, yellow, orange, red and dark red.

The red and dark red categories indicate extremely poor performance and have been attributed to 12 countries this year, compared with 14 last year.

Cyprus was included in the orange group with a score of  51.4%

Belgium and France came top with 90.1% and the UK was third with 87.6%.

Poland was bottom of the table with 31.5%, followed by Russia (42.8%) and Belarus (44.3%)

The Contraception Atlas took into account various factors to give each country a percentage rating.

Among the conclusions from the report:

  • 17 countries scored higher than in 2018
  • 14 countries scored lower than in 2018
  • Albania, Andorra, Finland and Greece most improved countries since 2018
  • Kosovo and Poland most declined countries since 2018
  • All European governments need to do more to meet SDGs for universal access to contraception
  • Hat-trick for Belgium, France and UK as they take top spot for third year running
  • Poland and Hungary worst performing EU countries


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