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Covid health experts advising the government warn over taken measures

Health experts advising the government on Covid-19 have sent the message that government measures aiming to curb the virus’ spread should not only focus on increasing the number of vaccinations.

The measures should also aim towards curbing the huge spread of the virus prevailing in Cyprus in recent weeks.

This is what Philenews reported on Thursday citing head of the Advisory Scientific Committee Constantinos Tsioutis.

In fact, one after the other, Committee members have distanced themselves from the new measures officially announced on Monday.

Dr Maria Koloiou, one of the members, went as far as to say on Wednesday that the government announced the measures before even asking the views of the scientists.

And professor Constantinos Fellas clarified that “the the team’s role is purely an advisory one and the decisions are political.”

However, he confirmed that “the meeting at the Ministry of Health with the advisory committee took place one hour after the announcement of the measures.”

As for Professor Petros Karagiannis, another committee member,  he said there is a  misconception in society that the health experts are responsible for everything.

“This is not true,” he added.


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