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Covid-19: 13 complaints against police for ‘arbitrary’ fines

More than a dozen citizens have filed complaints against police officers to the Independent Police Commission regarding enforcement of decrees aiming to contain the spread of coronavirus in Cyprus.

The Cyprus News Agency reports that the complaints concern the period from March 12 to today. Citizens have complained that police have arbitrarily issued out of court fines for violating the decrees.

Also against the Commission is a complaint by a member of the public who said he was subject to excessive force by police when he was stopped to be checked.

The Commission has asked the attorney general to appoint a criminal investigator to look into the complaint.

Also before the Commission is a complaint against police for stopping an ambulance at Astromeritis checkpoint that was transferring a 49 year old Greek Cypriot who had had a heart attack from Pyrgos Tylliras to Nicosia Hospital, thereby placing his life in danger.

The ambulance was able to pass through Ayios Dhometios checkpoint and the man is in the ICU.

Another citizen complained that as he was swimming in Larnaca at the recommendation of his doctor because of a health problem, he was ordered by a police officer to get out of the sea and was fined.

One complained that he was fined when at a bakery in Limassol while another said he was fined because he had a wine cellar in his kiosk.

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