NewsLocalCooler weather tomorrow, back to near 40s by Friday

Cooler weather tomorrow, back to near 40s by Friday


A brief respite from the near 40s temperatures will continue tomorrow, with no higher than 36. but mid week will see a rise again, persisting through to the weekend.

Clear skies initially this evening, with increasing low cloud in the west and north.

Winds will be northwesterly to southwesterly, later turning northeasterly in some areas, light to moderate force three to four and gradually turning light force three, over slight seas.

Temperatures will drop to 21 degrees Celsius inland, 23 in coastal regions and 17 on the mountains.

Fine and cooler tomorrow.

Winds will be moderate to strong southwesterly to northwesterly, force four to five, over slight to moderate seas.

Temperatures will rise to 36 degrees Celsius inland, 31 over the west and southwestern coastal regions, 33 in the rest of the coastal areas and 27 on the mountains.

Fine and hot on Wednesday through to Saturday, with temperatures gradually reaching beyond the seasonal average.

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