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Concern in Dali regarding the transfer of the asphalt factory

It seems that the postponement of work at the factory producing asphalt in Mitsero has caused concern to Dali Municipality which had been hoping that the problem that has been bothering the residents of Agion Konstantinou and Elenis municipality would have been dealt more painlessly.

It is noted that the postponement was decided by President Anastasiades after the protests of the affected communities of Mitsero area, while it has been decided that he would meet with their representatives on 25 August.

Furthermore the decision on a decree suspending the validity of the Planning Permit is also expected because in case it is issued no work in the area will be able to take place. So the transfer of the asphalt unit to Mitsero will be delayed.

In an announcement last night, the mayor of Dali noted that the decision to transfer the asphalt unit is based on purely environmental and not political criteria. He also reminded that the residents of Dali have been having problems for years and so far dozens of protests have taken place. Moreover, he noted that the municipality had funded an independent study by a group of experts agreeing about the suffocating atmosphere in the area.

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