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Clarifications about COVID-19 cases in Central Prisons.

In reply to reports about confirmed cases of COVID-19 among the staff and the inmates of the Central Prisons, the Department of Prisons issued an announcement clarifying the situation.

According to the announcement COVID-19 tests are conducted on a daily basis both among the inmates, the staff but also among people from other services while at the same time all restrictive measures are being faithfully respected.

Regarding the members, of the staff, three guards had tested positive due to social contacts outside the prison, two of who were not on duty for days and did not have had any contact with people in the prison. Also the third person was on duty outside the inmates’ wings and did not have any contacts with them. He was only in contact with a limited number of coworkers who have all since tested negative to rapid tests but remain in self-isolation.

Regarding the two inmates who tested positive to the virus, they are being treated at the Athalassa Psychiatric Hospital.

The Prisons’ leadership stressed the strict adherence to the health protocols which has so far prevented spreading of the virus in the prisons.


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