NewsLocalCapacity of Reference Hospital at 96%

Capacity of Reference Hospital at 96%

The capacity of the Famagusta General Hospital which is operating as a Reference establishment for coronavirus, has reached today 96%, Amalia Hatzigianni, scientific director of the General Hospitals of Larnaca – Famagusta, said.

She explained that currently 72 patients of COVID-19 are being treated there, of all age groups with the youngest person being 17 and the oldest 70.

In reply to a relevant question, she said that from the epidemiological image of recent days, it seems that things are not so good. She added that hospitals are getting full and due to the gradual relation of measures that will be implemented citizens must respect the measures strictly.

She noted that so far the situation in COVID hospitals is manageable.

She also explained that the clinical image of the pandemic remains the same as in the first and second wave with the same symptoms on people. The only difference, she added, is that due to the fact that the patients are now young, they recover more quickly.


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