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Cancellations of weddings, christenings at 50%

Cancellations of events, weddings and christenings for the coming weeks have so far reached 50% and the Pancyprian Association of Professional Events is requesting financial support from the government.

According to the Association’s president Konstantinos Mosaikos, their request for an extension of 30 days before the implementation of the last decree was refused and cancellations of weddings, christenings and other events continue.

He explained that the number of unvaccinated persons in every event is not big but they might be important and cannot miss the event. So, he said, people are forced to cancel the events.

He noted, however, that the Association understands that the Ministry’s health constitute a motive for people who have not been vaccinated to do so.

On the other hand, however, people must know what to do with their events.

He noted that cancellations continue since people do not know whether this measure will be extended after 31.1.22 as well.

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