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Cabinet decides new relaxations of Covid-19 measures

After the conclusion of the cabinet meeting, Health Minister Michael Hadjipantelas referred to the new relaxation of Covid-19 measures which will be valid as of 11 April:

  1. As of 11 April, no protective masks outside
  2. As of 11 April, no SafePass at work places. It is recommended that self-test are conducted in case of symptoms. Workers at old people’s homes and medical centers, as well as health professionals are exempted.
  3. As of 18 April, no SafePass needed in retail trade and malls (restaurants in malls are exempted).
  4. As of 11 April people who have been isolated due to Covid-19, can be released on the 7th day without a Rapid Test, provided they have no symptoms. Earlier release can be achieved if they test negative to a PCR test on the 5th day at their own cost.
  5. As of 11 April, self-isolation period of close contacts reduced to 5 from 7, provided they do not have symptoms.
  6. As of 11 April, period of “test to stay” measure to be reduced from 7 to 5 day, wherever the measure is applied.
  7. As of 11 April, “test to stay” measure to apply to afternoon activities of students.
  8. As of 11 April, no need to show SafePass to businesses serving the public, as well as Departments/Services of the state.
  9. As of 11 April, 100% capacity in cinemas and theaters.
  10. As of 11 April, distant working only recommended to 25% of businesses and state organizations.
  11. As of 11 April, visits to patients in public and private hospitals permitted but rapid test needed.
  12. As of 2 May, upon their return to schools, students must show 48hour rapid test and then7-day rapid test.
  13. As of 11 April, organization of camping allowed with SafePass.
  14. As of 15 April the announcement of positive cases, deaths, hospitalizations will be done weekly.

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