NewsLocalCabinet approves subsidy for high-speed internet connections

Cabinet approves subsidy for high-speed internet connections

The Cabinet on Thursday approved the “Connectivity Grant Plan” whose main objective is to increase demand for ultra-high-speed internet connections while encouraging the market for investments in pro-high-speed networks.

The Plan provides a grant covering part of the set-up cost as well as of the monthly subscription cost for the first 12 months of connecting to broadband services with download speeds of at least 200 Mbps under high peak times.

The total value of the grant is a fixed amount of €120 per connection for one year, Philenews also reports.

Eligible beneficiaries will be natural persons who establish a connection for the first time or wish to upgrade their existing connection which should be less than 100 Mbps to at least 200Mbps, regardless of technology.

The total budget of the Plan comes from the funding of the Recovery and Resilience Facility of €10 million. And if necessary, from additional resources of €2 million.

The Plan will be valid till the end of the second quarter of 2025, while its budget will be allocated through two consecutive calls.



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