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BirdLife concerned about impact of beach concert on protected birds

A concert scheduled to take place on 23 June at Lady’s Mile beach will have an impact on protected bird species, BirdLife Cyprus said in an announcement on Wednesday.

It said that the concert organisers did not acquire an environmental permit and that the beach is a protected for the Kentish Plover, a small and vulnerable shorebird that is currently nesting there. ​​

“​​Lady’s Mile is one of the most important breeding areas for Kentish Plovers. These small and sensitive birds are particularly vulnerable to disturbances and are already suffering a lot because of the degraded state that this natural area currently is in.”

According to BirdLife, events falling within or near protected areas can take place after a permit has been obtained, which is issued after an assessment is carried out.

“BirdLife Cyprus’ pleas to the organizers, the latter are going ahead with the concert, without having obtained the required environmental permit,” it said.

BirdLife concluded its announcement by urging the organisers to change the location of the event to a non-environmentally sensitive area.

“Wildlife has a right to the beach also, and not for recreation, but for survival,” it said.

The concert will feature Greek artists Mariza Rizou and Rena Morfi.

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