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Bets are on for February’s presidential elections with favourite remaining the same

February 2023 presidential elections candidate Nikos Christodoulides remains the bookies’ favourite with two big ones in Cyprus currently listing €1.16 and €1.25 winning odds. In mid-October they had him at €1.45.

Next favourite is ruling Disy’s Averof Neophytou – even though polls predict he will come third after main opposition Akel-backed candidate Andreas Mavroyiannis – with €3.25 and €4.00 winning odds. Mavroyiannis’ odds are listed at €7.00 and €13.00.

Bets on the presidential elections will be officially closed from January 28 onwards.

As for the percentage with which candidates will end up in the first round of the elections – that is, on Sunday, February 5 – the ones given by the betting companies are particularly high for the first three candidates.

Compared, that is, with the percentages given by the latest opinion polls which have been made public.

Specifically, latest polls made public have Christodoulides getting 32.7% followed by Mavroyiannis with 21.6% and Neophytou’s 20.7%.

As far as betting goes, however, if Christodoulides gets over 29.95% of the votes the return is €2.00, if Neophytou gets over 20.5% the return is €1.45 and if Mavroyiannis exceeds 20% the return is €1.80.

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