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Bernard Shaw’s one day in Cyprus – An unknown story 

Dr. Kyriakos Iakovides, Lecturer at the Neapolis University of Paphos, said that Bernard Shaw was one of the top personalities that visited Cyprus during the British colony era.

Dr. Kyriakos Iacovides

As he said not much has been known about the visit because it was very short; it took place on 20 March 1931 and only lasted for seven hours. The visit was part of a tour in the Mediterranean.

First, Bernard Shaw with his friend William Ralph Inge and their wives had lunch organized by the British Governor Ronald Storrs in their honor in Larnaca. Then Storrs showed them the Museum and other sites of Nicosia.

Despite the importance of the visit, the Cypriot Press wrote almost nothing and the reason was on the one hand, the short visit and on the other hand, the fact that Shaw’s work was almost unknown in Cyprus.

However, the Church showed great interest in an effort to promote the struggle for Union with Greece. The Archbishop saw Bernard Shaw’s visit as a way for the union movement to get a famous friend. He sent a letter to Inge inviting him and Shaw to visit the Archbishopric but Inge refused citing the shortness of the visit.

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