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Bank of Cyprus cars on public auction: prices range from €400 to €7,900

The Bank of Cyprus is preparing an auction of 54 cars in Mosfiloti with prices ranging from €400 to €7,900. In a similar auction in May prices ranged from €200 to €7,100.

These are cars that the Bank took over due to their previous owners’ debts. The Bank of Cyprus has the largest volume of seized cars.

According to the list published by the Bank of Cyprus, one can buy an immobilised Ford Focus SDV with a 2001 date of registration for €400 and a 1998 Seat Ibiza TDi for €600. Cars that are old and therefore particularly cheap, offer a good deal for spare car parts dealers.

The most expensive cars are a 2010 KIA Sportage at €7,900 and a 2011 Renault Master D/V at €7,000.

Other cars on auction are a 2010 BMW 116 (€5,300), an 2008 Audi A5 Coupe (€6,500), a 2006 Škoda Octavia (€2,800), a 2007 Ford Focus (€2,800), a 2002 Toyota Yaris (€2,500), a 2008 Citroen C4 Picasso D (€3,500), a 2007 Nissan Note (€2,000), a 2008 Nissan Tiida (€2,900), a 2007 Ford Transit D/V (€3,700), a 2008 Škoda Fabia (€1,800), a 2002 Toyota Corolla (€1,800), an immobilised 2002 Honda Civic (€1,800), a 2003 Nissan Navara D/C 4×4 D (€1,200), and an immobilised 2013 Audi A4 Allroad Quattro (€2,900).

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