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Attorney General’s intervention requested for asphalt production plants

The Justice Ministry is requesting to be briefed by the Chief of Police regarding any actions in relation with the complaints about the illegal operation of an asphalt production plant whose toxic fumes are suffocating the area. The residents told philenews that they have submitted hundreds of signed complaints to two police stations but to no avail.

The reason the Justice Ministry is asking to be briefed is a letter that the Parents’ Association sent to the Attorney General with copies to four Ministries, the Chief of Police, the Auditor General, the Commissioner for the Protection of Children’s Rights and two mayors.

In the letter the Parents’ Association informed the Attorney General about the huge environmental problem and is requesting the implementation of the law for the immediate suspension of the unit’s operation.

It is reminded that in July the Council of Ministers made a decision for the relocation of the two plants to areas agreed between the parties involved, but one of the two units continues it operation unobstructed.

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