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Associate of Dillian and Avni being checked

According to evidence that Phileleftheros has in its possession, there is crystal-clear connection of Cyprus with the scandal of phone tapping being investigated in Greece.

This relationship is documented today with the case of a Greek Cypriot woman, who has been employee and official in companies of Israeli Tal Dillian and Shahak Avraham Avni, who have been investigated by the Cypriot Authorities for the case of the spying van.

As known, Inside Story, website of investigative journalism, revealed last spring that the mobile phone of Greek journalist Thanasis Koukakis had been hacked through Predator software. Then, it became known that Nicos Androulakis, Member of the European Parliament and President of PASOK had also been under surveillance by the Greek National Intelligence Service (EYP), while there had been attempts to hack his phone with Predator.

These developments led to the resignations of the EYP Commander and the Greek Prime Minister’s secretary general.

As noted above, the connection of the Nicosia and Athens cases is proven by the participation of a private employee in the administrative council of a company that was checked in Greece due to the scandal of phone tapping and was related with the spying van, the building in Larnaca (Novel Tower), Avni and Dillian, as well as with companies connected to the above-mentioned.

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