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Anti-litter campaign underway to protect Cyprus’ beaches


Saturday’s official post-lockdown reopening of the beaches coincided with the launch of a month-long campaign by the Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (CSTI).

Supported by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, the campaign “Our beaches, our treasures – Let’s protect them” aims to raise awareness among local people to stop littering the beaches and sea.

“In a period where the airports are closed and no tourists are allowed, the only users of the beaches are the locals and the ones who live permanently in Cyprus. We are fully responsible to make sure no more rubbish is found on our beaches and no plastic gloves or masks end up in the sea,” CSTI said.

And it added: “Together we are fighting COVID-19 and together we should fight the pollution of the Med!”

The campaign will consist of regular posts on social media along with other promotional activities.

Marine litter is a worldwide problem and the Mediterranean Sea is no exception. In addition to raising awareness about the problem of beach littering, the campaign aims at the prevention of waste production, the proper disposal of waste and the reduction of the use of single-use plastics on beaches in Cyprus.

About CSTI: The Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative (CSTI) is an independent non-profit organization, established in 2006. CSTI aims to develop a sustainable approach to tourism in Cyprus.

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