NewsLocalAnnouncement about Sputnik vaccine approval next week

Announcement about Sputnik vaccine approval next week

Elena Panagiotopoulou, Deputy Director of the Health Ministry’s Pharmaceutical Services, said that the European Medicines Agency has not so far received the necessary data of clinical trials of Sputnik vaccine but noted that there is mobility and expressed the view that news will become available next week.

She also said that the permit of the specific vaccine will become final at the end of the summer and maybe even earlier.

She added that some problems between EMA and Sputnik have been solved so now the Agency proceeds with the evaluation of clinical trials.

She noted that Sputnik is of the same technology as the vaccines of AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson.

Furthermore, she said that currently medicines that will be used for the cure of the virus are being evaluated and will soon be licensed.

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