NewsLocalAnimal Party Cyprus slams dog ban at Limassol's molos

Animal Party Cyprus slams dog ban at Limassol’s molos

The Animal Party Cyprus has criticised a ban on dogs in the molos area of Limassol’s coastal promenade as a step backwards and urged the municipality to reconsider.

In a written statement the party voiced its ‘complete disagreement’ with the recent decision of the Environment and Health Committee of Limassol Municipal Council to ban all dogs at the molos.

“We consider that European Limassol should be moving forward not backwards and our civilisation is reflected in the way we treat our animals,” it said.

The decision was unilateral and did not take into consideration the views of law abiding citizens, the party said.

“We agree that all those who break the law or cause a nuisance in any way in the molos area, whether they have a dog or not should be reported,” the party said, as it urged mayor Nicos Nicolaides to reverse the ban,

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