NewsLocalAnimal Party criticises authorities over inaction on protecting foxes (photos)

Animal Party criticises authorities over inaction on protecting foxes (photos)

The Animal Party on Friday criticised authorities over alleged inaction on the protection of the Cypriot fox, after a member of the species was found dead on a main street in Limassol.

An announcement by the party said that the Game and Fauna Service should have had a plan in place for protecting foxes. Instead, what we see are hunters shooting foxes or citizens trapping the animals in cages and then killing them, the announcement added.

The party claimed that authorities are deliberately overlooking the protection of foxes based on arguments that the animal’s population has grown. As a result, hunters complain that the number of game animals has decreased because they are eaten by foxes.

However, there is no proof to back this argument, the Animal Party noted.

The announcement noted that it is sad to often see foxes dead on pavements or cases when they are hanged in the streets and then their photos are posted online, as has been the case in the past.

The Animal Party concluded its intervention by urging both the Interior Minister and the Game and Fauna Service to protect foxes.

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