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Akamas communities canvas for ‘controlled’ development in Natura area

Akamas communities are coordinating efforts as they canvas for ‘controlled” development in Natura 2000 zones.

In a joint announcement, the communities of Neo Chorio, Drousia, Inia, Arodes, Androlykou, the municipality of Polis Chrysochous and the the Polis Chrysochous Youth Association said they had decided to coordinate their actions to promote their common positions and objectives as regards the local plan for the Akamas national park which is currently being drawn up.

They say that development should be permitted in Natura areas, provided that the necessary procedures and studies are adhered to.

As regards privately-owned land in high protection zones where ‘absolute’ protection is required, compensation should be paid in line with a 2009 cabinet decision.

The communities said that the area’s natural beauty was the ‘comparative advantage’ on which its future development should rely, and should not constitute an obstacle to its progress.

They added that in order to create jobs and revive the area, there must be ‘significant’  seaside tourist developments that will generate financial benefits for the local population.

A necessary precondition are public roads and accessibility for all vehicles and the construction of the Paphos-Polis road, they added.

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