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A reminder of Easter covid relaxations


Here’s a refresher on the covid exemptions in place today, Easter Sunday, as the country reaches the end of the first week in lockdown.

People are allowed two SMS today to 8998, for any reason, two different reasons or the same reason twice, lasting three hours each time per individual.

The SMS can be sent at different times of the day, either for example, travelling to friends or family for Easter lunch, home care for relatives or exercise. Any SMS category is accepted, as well as the same category twice at different times of the day, or the same reason two times consecutively, with the renewal of the SMS.

For the rest of the lockdown, movement is allowed only once a day.

Ten people from different households are allowed for the Easter meal, including minors and the permanent residents of the home.

No guests are allowed for the rest of the lockdown.

People can travel to their country homes throughout the two week period from five in the morning, till nine in the evening.

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