NewsLocal533 drivers booked in one night as police step up campaigns

533 drivers booked in one night as police step up campaigns

Police said on Saturday that campaigns to combat crime, prevent traffic accidents and reinforce citizens’ sense of security had continued on Friday night during which 121 people, 80 vehicles and 49 nightclubs were checked and 533 drivers booked for various traffic offences.

In Limassol, police arrested a 35 year old and and a 52 year old in two separate incidents on suspicion of possessing stolen property after finding building materials in their respective cars. Inquiries are underway to determine whether the materials were stolen. The 35 year old is also in custody for traffic offences as he was found to be driving without a licence, insurance, MOT or road tax.

Police said that four nightclub managers were booked for operating without a licence to play music, two because they did not have a licence to sell alcohol, one for operating outside hours and one for allowing minors.

Moreover, also in Limassol 18 drivers were caught driving under the influence of alcohol and five tested positive for drugs. Police also found 17 grams of a white crystal substance believed to be methamphetamine as well as 6 grams of cannabis, half a gram of cocaine and precision scales in the possession of a 35 year old driver who was arrested.

As regards traffic offences, police said 257 drivers were booked for speeding. Another 227 other traffic offences were reported including using a mobile phone while driving, not wearing a seat belt, illegal parking and parking in a disabled spot.


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