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23.8% in occupied north say whole of Cyprus is their country

Just under a quarter of people in the occupied north believe the whole of Cyprus is their country, according to a survey conducted by the so-called “finance ministry”.

Asked which place they consider to be their country, respondents replied:

  • The whole of Cyprus – 23.8%
  • “TRNC” – 40.8%
  • Turkey – 3.9%
  • “TRNC” and Turkey – 31.5%

Solution of the Cyprus problem

Asked how possible the implementation of a federal solution is, 32.1% replied “definitely not possible,” 25.1% replied “not possible,” 16.6% replied “I do not know if it is possible”, 21% replied “it is possible,” 4.4% said it is“definitely possible” and 0.8% did not reply.

When asked about their first choice for the model of a solution to the Cyprus problem, they replied:

  • “Unite under the Republic of Cyprus”  – 5.6%
  • “Federal Cyprus consisting of two founding provinces” – 17.3%
  • “I have no opinion for the solution model” – 16.4%
  • “Federal solution consisting of two founding states” – 28.7%
  • “Recognised independent TRNC” – 29.5%
  • No answer – 2.6%

Views on EU

Asked about their opinion on the EU, the participants replied:

  • “It is a union that we should be a part of” – 45.8%
  • “It will be good to become part of it but I have some doubts” – 23.7%
  • “It is necessary to become part of it” – 9.4%
  • “We must definitely become part of it” – 18%
  • “I have no opinion” –  3.2%.

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