NewsLocal1466: A new helpline for child victims of violence and neglect

1466: A new helpline for child victims of violence and neglect

The “Hope For Children” CRC Policy Center for the defence and promotion of children’s rights announced on Monday the launch of the helpline 1466 to provide psychological, social and legal support to child victims of violence and neglect and their families, the CNA reports.

The line will provide support to children experiencing all kinds of violence and neglect such as school bullying, physical or sexual abuse and exploitation, cyberbullying, etc., and parents seeking guidance on issues related to their children.

In a statement, Hope for Children states that Line 1466 is primarily addressed to children and families and provides psychological, social and legal support, counselling and guidance on child protection issues.

The line operates 24/7 365 days a year and is free of charge. Calls for help will be forwarded to the organisation’s specialized staff, including psychologists, social workers and lawyers, depending on the needs of the people calling.

Hope For Children employs 95 full-time staff from various fields who specialise in child protection issues with the aim of implementing a multidisciplinary and personalised approach.

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