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129 homeless people in Cyprus in 2017

129 people, 20 of them Greek Cypriots, were  homeless in Cyprus in 2017, according to a Green Party statement.

With the statement, the Party condemned the government’s “impersonal and cruel policies” and called for the Welfare Services to intervene.

The statement:

“Unfortunately, in the year 2018, homeless people in Cyprus are dying in the streets. This raises questions regarding the exact number of people who are homeless in each city, what are the reasons that led to these people becoming homeless, what measures are taken to support them in order to  integrate back into society.

The government does not have a functional action plan or specific policies for homelessness. What exists are only procedures to help homeless people, if and when, it locates them.

We, as Movement of Ecologists — Citizens’ Cooperation, believe that there are reasons that cause a person to become homeless. Therefore, the state needs to modernise its policies and draw up a concrete action plan.

Currently, Social Welfare Services, cannot operate on their own unless they are informed by other state services such as the police or hospitals.
This is unacceptable and must stop immediately. We want more active and flexible social welfare services.
Only in 2017, we had 129 homeless people, 20 of them, reportedly were Greek Cypriots. No records exist in order to know how many of them are chronically homeless. This impersonal and cruel policy must transform immediately into an anthropocentric policy.”

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